Step-by-step guide to apply for Graduate programs

Step 1

Complete the School of Graduate Studies on-line application and pay the application fee

Applying to graduate programs in the Department of Civil Engineering requires the completion of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Application. If you are applying for PhD or MASc research programs you must also fill out a Departmental Application described in Step 3 below.

The SGS application is all that is required for M.Eng and M.EngCEM applicants. The contact information for two referees, statement of intent, and a CV are all required for the SGS application.

When you submit your applicant profile, the SGS website will prompt you to make arrangements for payment of the application fee of $120. You may pay the application fee online by credit card or off-line by credit card, certified cheque or money order. Cheques and money orders should be made payable to the University of Toronto. If you pay off-line, you must forward a hard copy of the Payment Form directly to the School of Graduate Studies.

SGS on-line application

Step 2

Upload scanned copies of your academic transcripts

We no longer require hard copies of transcripts to be sent to our office at the time of application. Transcripts must be scanned and uploaded to the SGS online application. Applicants must scan their official transcripts for all post secondary programs completed, attempted, or in progress, and upload them as the final step of the SGS on-line application, after payment.

Transcripts must list the years of study, courses taken and grades received. In cases where the program was completed, the transcript must also show that the degree was conferred. More information on scanning transcripts can be found in the SGS on-line application instructions.

Note: Please disregard the checklist at the end of the SGS online payment application. Please only send hard copies of the English Facility Test Score (if applicable) directly to the Department of Civil Engineering, at our address below.

Step 3

MASc and PhD Applicants Only. Complete the Civil Engineering Online Application

If you do not complete Step 3, your MASc or PhD application will not be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

Completion of this application requires that you upload a statement of intent , a resume, and contact information for your two referees, who will upload their references directly to the website. You will also be required to select your areas of research preference or study interest.

Department of Civil Engineering Online Application

Step 4

Submit English Test scores to the University of Toronto

The only document you must send at the time of application is a copy of your English Facility Test, if applicable. Test scores can be forwarded electronically from TOEFL and IELTS to the University of Toronto. The institutional code for the University of Toronto is 0982 and there is no need to specify a department code. If your score is sent electronically, no paper copy is required. Paper copies of transcripts or other documents sent to our office cannot be processed for your application and cannot be returned to you.

Please our English Language requirement site for more information.

Only after admission will you be required to send us sealed original hard copies of your transcripts.

Every year, we receive over 1000 applications. Once your references are submitted and your supporting documents are uploaded, your application is considered to be under review. You can check the status of your application by logging in to the SGS application or the Civil Department on-line application (if you are a MASc or Ph.D applicant).    

Admission decisions are communicated on a continuing basis between January and April (MASc and PhD) and January and June (MEng).