Doctor of Philosophy

This program is designed for outstanding individuals interested in a rewarding career in fundamental or applied research. The PhD program involves advanced courses and an intensive research program culminating in a thesis.  PhD students receive $15,000 plus tuition and fees for up to four years of study.

Program Requirements

  • A minimum of 4.5 full-course equivalents (FCEs) (nine half courses) in total beyond the bachelor's degree. More FCEs may be required depending on the student's background preparation. It is normally expected that at least one of the half courses will be taken outside of the student's principal field of research.
  • PhD students with an MASc degree (or equivalent in the same field) must take a minimum of 2.0 FCEs (four half courses) beyond the MASc degree.
  • Students enrolled in the MASc degree program who transfer to the PhD program without submitting an MASc thesis must complete a total of 4.5 FCEs (nine half courses) beyond the bachelor's degree program.
  • Students with an MEng degree may use up to 3.0 FCEs (six graduate half courses) from the MEng program towards the PhD course requirements.
  • Comprehensive examination after completing most of the coursework and preferably within one year after first enrolment in the PhD program. This examination consists of a four- to five-day take-home written examination, followed approximately a week later by an oral examination. The examination is administered by a Comprehensive Examination Committee created and supervised by the department's Examination and Degree Committee.
  • The academic program must be approved by the department's Examination and Degree Committee during the student's first session.


Program Length

The PhD can only be completed on a full-time basis.

Students will typically take four years to complete the program, but can take up to six years if necessary.

Your PhD Journey

  1. Apply to the PhD Program
  2. Proposing Your Program of Study
  3. Adding Non-Engineering Courses to Your Program
  4. The PhD Supervisory Committee
  5. The Comprehensive Exam
  6. The Departmental Oral Examination
  7. The Final Oral Examination
  8. Submitting Your PhD Thesis

Fees and Funding

Funding packages for MASc start at $15,500 CAD per year plus tuition, and are increased depending on awards the student receives. Funding packages for Ph.D start at $17,000 CAD per year plus tuition, and are increased depending on awards the student receives. Please consult the chart here for 2017-2018 funding levels. 

Students are responsible for paying their tuition from the total funding amounts listed .  For tuition rates, please see the Student Accounts site. 

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September 2017 start: Apply by February 1.