Proposing Your Program of Study

New students must make an appointment with their supervisor and/or the Office of Student Services to discuss courses and program options.

After consultation, students are required to complete the PhD Proposed Program of Study, which outlines all the courses the student intends to take to fulfill their degree program requirements.

Core Courses Must Be Taken

Some courses are core to the PhD Degree Program and must be taken.  Students must ensure that all applicable core courses appear on their Proposed Program forms before they will be approved.

  • JDE1000Y – Ethics in Graduate Research (required for all PhD students)
  • CIV1505H – Transportation Research Seminars (for at least two terms)
  • The PhD program in the Transportation Engineering and Planning Research Group is the standard Departmental program, typically consisting of six courses, divided into a major and two minor areas.  If, however, an incoming student does not have adequate background in one or more of the core areas defined in the Master’s program, then the student may be required to take as many of these courses as deemed necessary.  Normally, these courses would be in addition to the standard six course program.

Submitting the Form and Making Changes

The form must be approved by the supervisor and submitted to the Office of Student Services, GB105, 35 St. George Street, before the end of the student’s first term in the program.

Changes to the program may be made at any time, with approval of the supervisor and Associate Chair, Academic.