Submitting Your PhD Thesis

The Department of Civil Engineering and the School of Graduate Studies now accept electronic (PDF) thesis submissions.  It is no longer required that you bind and hand in a paper copy of your thesis.  Please note that your supervisor may still require a bound copy.

Students must successfully complete the SGS Final Oral Exam before proceeding to PhD Thesis Submission.


An abstract not exceeding 350 words, must be included in all bound copies.

Colour of bound copy covers (if required by supervisor): DARK GREEN

You must submit a PDF copy of your thesis to the School of Graduate Studies.  Please visit the electronic thesis and dissertation page for complete information on uploading your thesis. Please remember to submit all the required forms to SGS as well:  "Library and Archives Canada Theses Non-exclusive Licence", "UMI Subject Categories", and "University of Toronto Authority to Distribute". These forms are all available through the SGS website.