MEng CEM Admission

Admission Requirements

  • Must possess an undergraduate degree equivalent to completing a 4-year University of Toronto program.
  • Must possess at least a B+ average (3.3/4.0 or 78%) or international equivalent in each of the final two years of undergraduate study.
  • Must fulfill the english language requirements.
  • Must have completed at least one year of work experience.


Application Procedure

  1. Complete the SGS Online Application
    • Include contact information for two references, a statement of interest, CV or Resume and scanned copies of your academic transcript
  2. Pay application fee
    • Fee is $110. Instructions for online and offline payments can be found in the online application
  3. Submit English Test Scores (If applicable)
    • Scores can be submittted via ETS or by mail to:
      Attn: Admission
      105, 35 St. George St.
      Toronto, ON CANADA
      M5S 1A4


Please Don't Send Us Documents!

The only document you may send at the time of application is a copy of your English Facility Test, if applicable. If you have the English score sent to the university electronically via ETS, you do not need to send a paper copy of your score. Paper copies of transcripts sent to our office cannot be processed for your application and cannot be returned to you. Only after admission will you be required to send us sealed original hard copies of your transcripts.


Application Deadline

Applications for the Master of Engineering in Cities Engineering and Management must be complete and submitted by April 1 of each year.  Please plan on having your references and other documents available by this time.