MEngCEM Curriculum

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Program Length

We offer two delivery options to suit your circumstances and goals.

  • The full-time option allows you to complete the program in 16 months.
  • The extended full-time option allows you to take two years to complete (up to six courses per year over 24 months).

Core required courses are typically offered during the week between 9 and 5pm.  Electives are sometimes offered on the weekend, evenings, online or in a compressed two-week period (in May or August).  Click here to see the current timetableA part-time option is not currently available for this program.

The practicum is four months long on a full-time basis. Click for more details about the practicum.


MEngCEM Specialization Areas

Students enrolled in the MEngCEM program will choose four infrastructure engineering electives in one specialization area and one technology management elective.

Specialization areas include:

Transportation Systems
Cyber Security
Urban Structures
Sustainable Energy Systems
Operations Research
Environmental Issues for Healthy Cities
Resilience of Critical Infrastructure
Communication Networks

Students can also choose to complete these certificates:

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Innovation and Technology in Engineering (ELITE) Certificate
Engineering and Globalization (Global) Certificate

Infrastructure Engineering Electives (Choose 4 Courses from 1 Specialization Area)

Please note that not all courses will be available from year to year. Please check course schedules for the departments where the courses are listed.

CIV Courses    ECE Courses    MIE Courses    APS Courses    CHE Courses
Transportation Systems
  • CIV516H1 - Public Transit Operations and Planning
  • CIV531H1 - Transport Planning
  • CIV1506H - Freight Transportation and ITS Applications
  • CIV1508H - Airport Planning and Engineering
  • CIV1520H - Travel Survey Methods
  • CIV1532H - Fundamentals of Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • CIV1535H - Transportation and Development
  • CIV1538H - Transportation Demand Analysis
  • CIV1598H - Urban operations Research

Cyber Security
  • ECE568H1 - Computer Security
  • ECE1508H - Special Topics in Communications
  • ECE1518H - Seminar in Identity, Privacy and Security
  • ECE1776H - Computer Security, Cryptography and Privacy

Urban Structures
  • CIV576H1 - Sustainable Buildings
  • CIV1164H - Bridge Engineering
  • CIV1167H - Advanced Structural Dynamics
  • CIV1169H - Advanced Topics in Building Design
  • APS1024H - Infrastructure Resilience Planning
  • APS1025H - Infrastructure Protection
  • CIV1252H - Infrastructure Renewal

Sustainable Energy Systems
  • APS510H1 - Innovative Technologies & Organizations in Global Energy Systems
  • APS1202H - Energy & Sustainable Development
  • MIE515H1 - Alternative Energy Systems
  • MIE1240H - Wind Power
  • MIE1120H - Current Energy Infrastructure & Resources
  • MIE1715H - Life Cycle Engineering
  • ECE1092H - Smart Grid Case Studies

Operations Research
  • MIE1603H - Integer Programming
  • MIE1616H - Healthcare Management
  • MIE1620H - Linear Programming and Network Flows
  • MIE1621H - Nonlinear Programming
  • MIE1723H - Engineering Maintenance & Management
  • MIE1727H - Quality Assurance
  • MIE1721H - Reliability

Environmental Issues for Healthy Cities
  • CIV549H1 - Groundwater Flow and Contamination
  • CIV1303H - Water Resources Systems Modelling
  • CIV1308H - Physical and Chemical Treatment Processes
  • CIV1309H - Biological Treatment Processes
  • CIV1311H - Advanced and Sustainable Water Treatment
  • CHE1433H - Air Dispersion Modelling

Resilience of Critical Infrastructure
  • APS1024H - Infrastructure Resilience Planning
  • APS1025H - Infrastructure Protection
  • APS1031H - Infrastructure Planning
  • CIV1190H - Structures Under Blast and Impact
  • URD1044H - Urban Design and Development
  • URD2041H - Business and Land Use Planning in Real Estate

Communications Networks
  • ECE1524H - Service Provider Networks
  • ECE1541H - Communication Networks I
  • ECE1548H - Advanced Network Architectures
  • ECE1508H - Special Topics in Communications
  • ECE1520H - Data Communications I
  • ECE1545H - Bridges and Routers

Technology Management Electives (Choose 1)

Topics Providing Breadth
  • APS1001H - Project Management
  • APS1005H - Operations Research for Engineering Management
  • APS1010H - Cognitive and Psychological Foundations of Effective Leadership
  • APS1012H - Management of Innovation in Engineering
  • APS1015H - Social Entrepreneurship
  • APS1016H - Financial Management for Engineers
  • APS1017H - Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • APS1088H - Entrepreneurship and Business for Engineers
  • CHE1434H - Six Sigma for Chemical Processes
  • CIV1307H - Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability of Engineering Activities