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CivE alumnus wins international Rocha Medal in rock mechanics

Bryan Tatone addresses the 2016 Lassonde Research Day

Prestigious award is the ultimate prize in rock mechanics for young researchers, putting two graduates and one faculty member on the map Bryan Tatone (CivE PhD 1T4) has been named the 2017 recipient of the international Rocha Medal, the most prestigious award a student can receive for rock mechanics research. Tatone is the second student … Read More

Preventative Engineering: monitoring the health of water systems

Preventative engineering

The city is a living organism. People are its cells, and water is its lifeblood. This is the analogy Prof. Bryan Karney uses as the philosophical underpinning of his work in water infrastructure. Like any other organism, things get complex fast. “We have infrastructure systems that are highly deteriorated,” he says. “The challenge is, how … Read More

Alumni Giving back to Skule™ – John Starkey and Julia Maloney

John Starkey and Julia Maloney

Investing in the future by reviving the past: John Starkey gives back to survey camp Since 1921, survey camp has been an unforgettable experience for University of Toronto engineering students. Looking back over 50 years, John Starkey (MinE 6T1) recalls the important role survey camp played in his career as a mining engineer. To ensure … Read More

Robert C Andrews: high-tech solutions for cleaner, safer drinking water

Professor Robert C Andrews (left) with Profs. Ron Hofmann and Susan Andrews in the Drinking Water Environmental Labs

Recipient of the Dr. Albert E Berry Medal for outstanding contributions to environmental engineering Prof. Robert C Andrews, PEng, of the Drinking Water Research Group (DWRG) in the University of Toronto’s Civil Engineering Department, accepted the Dr. Albert E Berry Medal at a Canadian Society for Civil Engineers gala on Friday, June 3. The award, … Read More

CivMin’s Grads to Watch

Grads to watch: Ernesto Diaz Lozano Patino, Gege Wen and Bishnu Gautam

This is an excerpt from a longer story, originally posted on Engineering News. For these U of T Engineering students, the short walk across the stage at Convocation Hall marks both the end of one journey and the beginning of another. This year’s “Grads to Watch” are just a few of the talented Engineering graduates … Read More

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