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Sustainable Infrastructure

Over the next half century, infrastructure in almost every country of the world will be radically transformed due to changes in the various sectors of specific economies (in particular energy and telecommunications), the state of disrepair of much existing infrastructure, and citizens’ demands for a more sustainable economy. Research in the area of sustainable infrastructure seeks to develop and apply creative analyses methods to address the complex interdisciplinary nature of the issues in this field. The research spans across all areas of Civil Engineering and into other engineering and scientific disciplines, the social sciences, planning, public health, and public policy.

 NameJob Title & DutiesContact Details
Murray GrabinskyGrabinsky, MurrayAssociate Professor
  • Mining & Geomechanics
  • Mining Engineering
  • Liquefaction + CPB
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
Office: GB 130C
(416) 978-7130
hooton_small_1412583Hooton, DouglasProfessor
  • Building Engineering
  • NSERC/CAC Senior Industrial Research Chair in Concrete Durability and Sustainability
  • Concrete Materials
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
Office: GB 230
(416) 978-5912
18Karney, BryanProfessor
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
Office: BA 1015A
(416) 978-7776
MacLean, HeatherAssociate Chair, Research Professor
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
Office of the Chair
Office: SF 3001D
(416) 946-5056
Eric MillerMiller, EricProfessor
  • Transportation Engineering & Planning
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
Office: GB 305
(416) 978-4076
Khandker 2015Nurul Habib, KhandkerAssociate Professor
  • Transportation Engineering & Planning
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
Office: SF 3001F
(416) 946-8027
Daniel PosenPosen, DanielAssistant Professor
  • System-scale environmental sustainability analysis
  • Environmental
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
Office: GB334
(416) 978-4571
Professor Kim PressnailPressnail, KimAssociate Professor
  • Building Engineering
  • Building Science
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
Office: GB 314A
(416) 978-1501
S_SaxeSaxe, ShoshannaAssistant Professor
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Environmental Engineering
Office: GB 213
33_3995041Vecchio, FrankBahen-Tanenbaum Chair
  • Structural Engineering
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
Office: GB 228
(416) 978-5910