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Rock Mechanics

The professors that specialize in rock mechanics within the Mining + Geomechanics Research Group at the Department of Civil Engineering have a wide array of specific interests that often blend seamlessly with other topics in the group.

Some of the current research interests include mechanics and geometry of fractured rock masses, engineering design of rock masses, laboratory study of dynamic earthquake ruptures, dynamic friction, mode I and mixed mode spontaneous fractures, dynamic response of materials under elevated temperature, failure analysis of composites, mechanical properties of multi-phase granular materials, nano-adhesion of bio-inspired materials, and smart materials for sensor technology.

 NameJob Title & DutiesContact Details
Harrison for Web 2015Harrison, JohnProfessor
  • Associate Chair, Undergrad (Lassonde Mineral Engineering Program)
  • Keck Chair in Engineering Rock Mechanics
  • Mining & Geomechanics
  • Rock Mechanics
  • Mining Engineering
Office of the Chair
Office: MB 120A
(416) 978-1634
PicXia, KaiwenAssociate Professor
  • Mining & Geomechanics
  • Rock Mechanics
  • Dynamic Fracture
  • Rock Fracture
Office: MB 130D
(416) 978-5942