Self-Study Survey

In anticipation of the upcoming departmental self-study, please fill out this questionnaire to 1) help us inform future discussions and 2) get a sense on what is important to our community.

The Department Name

The Department of Civil Engineering includes two distinct engineering programs. The current name of the department is an ongoing issue when providing official communication to any students, alumni or department affiliates – when following university protocol in regards to proper names and logos or images, the mineral engineering focus is absent. Additionally, externally the name is a barrier to effective departmental branding and marketing opportunities for prospective students and to media. The name of the department is misleading, as it contains no mention of the mineral area of focus.
Would you support a departmental name change to "Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering"?*
Please expand on your opinions about a possible name change.
SectionNo. Profs
Geomechanics and Mining8

Research Streams/Clusters

In the 2012 Self-study research activity was presented as being grouped according to Sections as shown in this excerpted table.

The department is considering whether to update the ‘research sections’ for research streams/clusters, in which faculty research may be relevant to more than one stream. We would like your help to identify appropriate streams.

With this in mind, please consider whether your research applies to each of these suggestions. Select all which may apply.
The themes suggested are a starting point. Do they reflect all of your research interests? Do you think that they would capture the imagination of potential graduate students and industrial partners?
Considering that, please provide constructive suggestions, thoughts, criticisms so that we may refine this list.

Department Theme

“Urban Solutions” was introduced in 2005 as a theme that unified all research expertise and interests in the Department.
Does ‘Urban Solutions’ still reflect how the department and faculty members have evolved? *

About you

All answers will be compiled and considered in aggregate. We will only use this if we require additional information.

What is your connection to the department? Select all that apply.*
How long have you been affiliated with the Department? *
Would you be interested in participating in additional discussions about these and other departmental related issues? Select all that apply. *

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