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Professor Brenda McCabe

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Brenda McCabe
Dept. of Civil Engineering
University of Toronto
35 St. George St.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M5S 1A4

Tel: 416-946-3505
Fax: 416-978-5054

Research Interests

Construction in operating facilities; Performance benchmarking; Risk modeling and analysis; Bayesian belief networks; Intelligent decision support; Automated site data collection; Contractor prequalification; Computer simulation, Construction site safety management.

Construction management 

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B.A.Sc. (University of Toronto)
Ph.D. (University of Alberta)


On-going research themes

Automated data collection [papers J.16; J.17; J.19; J.20; C.24; C.35; C.39; C.41; C.43]
This research started with the development of an algorithm for recognizing construction equipment (a concrete hopper and crane hook and block) within digital image video. The challenge was to identify objects of interest within a noisy image field with many moving objects (workers, materials), particularly in the somewhat monochromatic environment of a construction site (e.g. concrete, earth and weathered wood). A means for capturing data related to cycle times was developed and from these, productivity values were calculated. Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags have also been tested to assist in the cycle time data collection in collaboration with several construction firms. Using newly developed visual recognition techniques, recognition of both standard and articulated equipment has been achieved using a cascade system of weak but fast classifiers followed by slow but accurate classifiers. Cutting edge procedures have been developed to track the paths of equipment, determine interaction activities, and anticipate their next action. Current research is developing new recognition algorithms for indoor construction progress using unmanned aerial vehicles to capture images.

Safety [J.14; J.22; C.27; C.30; C.32; C.34; C.42; C.44]
A decade ago, a study was undertaken to examine the attitudes of Ontario construction workers toward safety. The self-administered questionnaire also collected data about workers’ demographics and incident frequency. Over 900 questionnaires were collected. This study is now being updated to identify changes that have occurred in the past decade, and to add components of resilience to safety practices.

Mega-Projects [J.12; J.18; J.21; C35; C.45]
Continuing with previous research focused on mega-projects with Greater Toronto Airports Authority, I worked with Waterfront Toronto to review their risk models and work plans in collaboration with John Reilly International. Here the opportunity was to share with industry some of the techniques developed in academia to assess risk. This resulted in one Master’s student thesis [M.31] in the area of discrete event simulation of risk events.

Although it was touted as a panacea for cash-strapped public owners, many shortcomings of public-private partnerships are being identified. One of the difficulties in comparing procurement methods is determining the value of the guarantees that governments give to their private partners to make the deal more attractive for bidders. Innovative research [J.18] resulted in a fast and computationally efficient valuation tool to help governments design a guarantee that minimizes cost and reasonably mitigates risk using a finite difference method based on a continuous stochastic differential equation. Because this new valuation tool is 100 times faster than the existing simulation based approaches, it presents the opportunity to examine complex contractual configurations, and design a more cost effective guarantee contract. This new approach can be used by a government to reserve a budget for the guarantees.

Finally, tall buildings are being built in our major urban centres. Their construction presents unique challenges and impact safety, productivity, and site logistics. Their lengthy construction timeframe also affects pedestrian and vehicular traffic, local residences, and neighbouring businesses. Research is underway to investigate ways in which these challenges can be identified, assessed, and mitigated.

Research/equipment awards
Agency Award Duration Total
NSERC CRD with HATCH – Intelligent Decision Making and Knowledge Management in Engineering Project Management Procedures 2016 4 yrs $154.288
HATCH - Intelligent Decision Making and Knowledge Management in Engineering Project Management Procedures 2016 4 yrs $77,144
NSERC Engage with eCompliance - Performance Benchmarking and Metrics Framework 2016 6 mos $23,000
NSERC CRD– Construction of Tall Buildings 2015 3 yr $214,287
RESCON – Construction of Tall Buildings 2015 3 yr $107,142
NSERC Engage with Dumas – Improving productivity in mining 2015 6 mos $23,195
Ministry of Labour Research Opportunities Program – Factors affecting safety performance in the ICI construction sector with co-PI D. Hyatt 2014 2.5 yr $222,907
NSERC Engage with Daniels Group – Improving hoist planning for tall buildings 2014 6 mos $24,547
NSERC Discovery Grant - Automated Activity Recognition on Construction Sites 2012 5 yr $105,000
Ontario Ministry of Transportation Highway Infrastructure Innovation Funding Program 2009 co-PI with S. Tighe (UWaterloo) 2009 2 yr $70,000
Ontario Ministry of Transportation Highway Infrastructure Innovation Funding Program 2007 co-PI with S. Tighe (UWaterloo) 2007 1 yr $40,000
Ontario Construction Secretariat 2007 2 yr $32,000
NSERC Research Grant 2007 4 yr $96,000
Ontario Construction Secretariat 2005 1.5 yr $45,000
Ontario Ministry of Transportation Highway Infrastructure Innovation Funding Program 2005 co-PI with S. Tighe (UWaterloo) 2005 1 yr $25,000
Ontario Ministry of Transportation Highway Infrastructure Innovation Funding Program 2004 co-PI with S. Tighe (UWaterloo) 2004 1.5 yr $71,250
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Lead PI with 3 others – Safety Culture in the Construction Industry 2003 3 yr $375,000
NSERC Research Grant 2002 4 yr $96,000
Faculty of Applied Science and Department of Civil Engineering - U of T - Automating Data Collection in Construction 2000 1 yr $14,000
NSERC IOR Matching Grant - Reconstruction of Operating Facilities 1999 4 yrs $104,348
Construction Research Institute of Canada - Financial Benchmarks within the Construction Industry 1999 1 yr $10,000
U of Toronto Connaught Matching Grant - Automated Analysis of Contractor Failure 1998 2 yrs $29,442
Bechtel Canada Inc. - Analysis of Remote Site Construction Performance 1998  5 mos $3,500
Giffels Enterprises Inc. - Analysis of Design/Build Estimating for Light Industrial Facilities 1998 5 mos $3,500
NSERC Research Grant - Improving Performance of Construction Management 1998 4 yrs $60,000
U of Toronto Courseware Development - STRATEGY: Simulation-based Construction Environment 1998  1 yr $7,500
Greater Toronto Airports Authority - Management of Infrastructure Reconstruction 1998 4 yrs $120,000
U of Toronto Connaught Start Up Grant - Improving Construction Productivity 1997 2 yrs $20,000
Refereed Journal papers


J.24 Chen, Y., McCabe, BY. and Hyatt, D., 2016, “Measuring the safety climate of Ontario construction sites from the perspective of individual and organizational resilience”, Journal of Safety Research, submitted 2016-05-09
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J.21 Hamledari, H, McCabe, BY, Davari, S, 2016, “Automated Computer Vision-based Detection of Components of Under-Construction Indoor Partitions” revised and resubmitted to Automation in Construction 2016-04-06


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Conference papers and presentations

Presenters are underlined.

C.51 Chen, YT, McCabe, BY, Hyatt, D. “Construction Safety Climate in Ontario: A quasi-longitudinal Study” Poster session. Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) Partners in Prevention Conference. Toronto, ON April 26-27
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** Winner of the CSCE Best Student Paper
*** Invited to submit extended paper for construction special issue in CJC

Teaching & Students Supervised


Teaching in 2016 Fall

Course Code Title & Description Instructor Session Location(s) Day(s) Start Time End
CIV1275H Prof. Brenda McCabe Fall 2016 GB117 Wednesdays 9:00 12:00
CIV280H1 Prof. Brenda McCabe Fall 2016 Scheduled by the Office of the Faculty Registrar.

Undergraduate courses

Date Number Course Title Level
2015/16 APS490+ Multidisciplinary Design module 4th Yr
2014/15 CIV499 Capstone Design Coordination 4th Yr
2014-present CIV358 CAMP 3rd Yr
2009-present CIV280 Construction Management 2nd Yr
2009-2012 CIV201*** Introduction to Civil Engineering 2nd Yr
2006** MIN566 Capstone Design Project 4th Yr
2004* APS112S Engineering Strategies and Practice 1st Yr
2001- 2003 CIV489, 499 Undergraduate Thesis Coordinator 4th Yr
1999, 2001 CHE 457S Innovation and Entrepreneurship 4th Yr
1997 – 2008 CIV 420F Construction Engineering 4th Yr

*           4 week module on Project Management
**         3 week module on equipment productivity and scheduling
***        Created this new course. It has resulted in many positive outcomes for students.
+          Yearlong capstone project – co-supervised


2001 CV206 PEO Upgrading Management of Construction - Developed and presented Professional Development Centre course for engineers seeking PEO registration.
2015 Intro to Scheduling UofT Project Management group
2015 Engineering ethics Ontario Online Initiative - Shared Online Course Fund; With Arash Shahi, Todd McAlary, Allison Vanbeek
2016 Project Management Essentials Ontario Online Initiative - Shared Online Course Fund; With Arash Shahi
2016 Principles of Engineering Drawing Ontario Online Initiative - Shared Online Course Fund; With Arash Shahi

Graduate courses

2002 to 2007,

2013, 2015

CIV 1299F

CIV1275 after 2013

Construction Modelling – techniques include discrete event simulation, probabilistic reasoning, artificial neural networks
1998 to 2007 CIV 1277S Construction Estimating – teaching alternate years

Redevelopment of course to focus half of its resources on new technologies that will support the estimator and the estimating process. This course will be further developed to include financial analysis.

1998 to 2004 CIV 1281S Management of Building Projects (course coordinator)Re-established the lecture series, coordinated presentations by industry experts, ensured academic content.
Students supervised

Postdoctoral Fellows

P.02 Dr. Mohammad Nahangi 2016-
P.01 Dr. Arash Shahi 2014-


  PhD Student Thesis Title Dates
D.08 Pouya Zangeneh Knowledge management in engineering 2016-
D.07 Yuting Chen Safety in Construction 2014-
D.06 Luai Sabek Framework for Resilient, Lean Construction 2008-
D.05** Igor Rasic Modeling for Venture Growth of Construction Companies 2011-
D.04* Mohannad Al-Durgham Registration & segmentation of heterogeneous LIDAR data 2010-2013
D.03 Ehsan Rezazadeh Azar Computer Vision-based Solution to Monitor Dirt Loading Activities 2009-2012
D.02 Ali Naji Almassi Real options based valuation of multiple-exercise government guarantees for infrastructure project 2006-2011
D.01 Zhong Tang Elicitation Techniques for Probabilistic Expert Systems 2000-2005

*co-supervised with Prof. Ayman Habib, University of Calgary

** Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) co-supervised with Prof. Doug Hyatt, Rotman, U of T

Masters of Applied Science (MASc)

  MASc Student Thesis Title Dates
M.32 Kamellia Shahi Impacts of the regulatory environment on development 2016-
M.31 Hiba Ali Site logistics for tall buildings 2015-
M.30 Patrick Marquis Evaluation of cladding systems for tall buildings 2015-
M.29 Hesam Hamledari Automated detection of interior construction progress 2014-16
M.28 Jan Ripperger** Construction logistics in North American airports 2014
M.27 Yufeng (Felix) Wei Construction of Tall Buildings 2013-15
M.26 Emilie Alderman Safety Culture in the Ontario Construction Industry 2013-15
M.25 Sheida Shoai Naini Construction procurement practices in Ontario universities 2013-14
M.24 Mohamed Kamleh Optimizing hoist operations in tall buildings 2012-14
M.23 Abra Ens A Framework for Deterioration Modelling Development in Infrastructure Asset Management 2010-12
M.22 Payman Berjis Impacts of road closures on the urban economy 2009-12
M.21 Bijan Ahmadi Throughput in Ontario Highway Workzones 2009-11
M.20 Shayan Nahrvar Simulation of risk impacts on mega projects 2007-09
M.19 Tom Bedford Public procurement effectiveness improvement 2007-09
M.18 Carolyn Hicks Traffic capacity at highway work zones 2007-09
M.17 Vladyslav Dyevakov RFID tag applications in construction 2005-07
M.16 Ramona Monteanu Attitudes Toward Construction Safety 2003-05
M.15 Xiang (Sabrina) Ren Improving Safety in Highway Work Zones 2003-05
M.14 Ali Naji Almassi Image Recognition for Project Control 2003-05
M.13 Jim Karahalios Construction Site Safety 2002-04
M.12 Sandra Hantziagelis Analysis of Airport Reconstruction Projects 2001-04
M.11 Aamir Sheikh Project Control Methods 2002-03
M.10 Viet Tran Prequalification Model Using P-DEA 2000-02
M.09 Karl McIntosh International Construction Joint Ventures in the English Speaking Caribbean 2000-02
M.08 Qin (Jean) Tian Dev’t of a Simulated Construction Environment 1999-02
M.07 Kevin Eyers Construction Cost Risk Evaluation Using Belief Networks 1999-01
M.06 Peter Pilateris Financial Benchmarking of Canadian Contractors 1999-01
M.05* Roya Azad Y2K Behaviour and Its Effect On Financial Institutions 1999-00
M.04* Rinku Pershad A Belief Network Model for Evaluating Business Credit Rating 1998-00
M.03 Joseph Ramani Contractor Prequalification Using Data Envelopment Analysis 1999-01
M.02 Daud Nasir Construction Schedule Risk Evaluation Using Belief Networks 1999-00
M.01* Soheila Ehramikar Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning 1998-99

* co-supervised with Professor Joseph Paradi, Chair in Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship

** co-supervised with Professor Andre Richter of Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Germa

Masters of Engineering (MEng)

  MEng Student Thesis Title Dates
E.15 Armando Chocron Arwas Equipment Management Systems 2016-
E.14 Jennifer Eversley Vertical living – issues of life safety 2014
E.13 Valentina Kozubovich Procurement practices of Southern Ontario Municipalities and Regions 2014-15
E.12 Ramin Jalalpour Integrating BIM with financial modeling 2012
E.11 Salem Fereig Reducing the environmental impact of construction operations 2011
E.10 Seyed Hossein Tahami Improvement of Sign Permit Application Process in the City of Toronto 2006-2007
E.09 Florence Walker Effect of Construction Contract Clauses on Claims 2000-2006
E.08 Yusuf Colombowala Safety in the Ontario Construction Industry 2005-2006
E.07 Joanne Chong Diagnostic Model for Parking Garages 2001-2004
E.06 Stephen Maybury Evaluation of Artificial Turf at LBPIA 2001-2002
E.05 Muhammad Fayaz Khan Development of Cost Estimation Models for Light Industrial Buildings 1997-1999
E.04 Hrodney Njardardottir Concrete Bridge Deck Deterioration Diagnostic Tool Using Belief Networks 1997-1999
E.03 Giovanni Raimondi Concrete Pavement Diagnosis and Repair and the Utilization of a Belief Network Diagnostic Program 1998-1999
E.02 Claudia Serrano Remote Site Construction in Cold Climates - Conventional vs. Modular Methods 1998-1999
E.01 Xiaodong Gong Contractor Prequalification 1997-1998

* co-supervised with Professor Joseph Paradi


Undergrad Student Thesis Title Dates
Zoe Hanneman Bid preparation for shoring systems 2016
Michael Mousa Integrating carbon estimation methods and BIM models 2015
Erfan Behroy Solar Decathlon house 2014
Haruna Monri Improving permit processing in the utility sector 2014
Andre Fonseca Pinheiro Safety in the construction of tall buildings 2014
Yi Liang (EngSci) The future of 3D printing in construction 2014-15
Leandro Grzybowski da Silva Examining changes in safety incidents in the Toronto construction industry since 2004 2013
Caio Alencar Fernandes de Albuquerque Changes in attitudes toward safety in the Toronto construction industry since 2004 2013
Mina Behrooz Canadian civil engineering firms in the international market 2011-12
Henry Cheung (EngSci) Evaluation of shoring systems for high rise buildings 2007-08
Patrick Lang (EngSci) Productivity determination and control on major projects 2007-08
Daniel Alonzi A model for introducing new technologies to construction 2006-07
Mariam Armanious Comparison of Municipal Agreements in the GTA 2006-07
Sami Faddoul Evaluation of estimating software in construction 2006-07
Jennifer Assal Evaluating the impact of Bill 124 on the building permit process 2005-06
Natalie Battistella An investigation of computer based project management systems 2005-06
Marco Bertoia Sustainable green neighbourhoods the way of the future? 2005-06
Jennifer Pereira Development of a belief network model of construction safety 2005-06
Marco Polletti Edgebuilder: an investigation of a computer-based PM system 2005-06
Luka Matutinovic Investigation of radio frequency identification tags in construction 2005-06
Sara Feizmohammadian Construction Delay Claims and Application of Eichleay Formula 2004-05
Daniel Carley Project Mgt Software Effectiveness: Toronto Western Hospital 2004-05
Yoohno Kim Project Mgt Software Effectiveness: 180 Queen Street West 2004-05
David Fennell Asset Management Review and Bar Code Implementation 2002-03
Adam Koebel Prefabricated Building Components in GTA Housing Sector 2002-03
Michel Lamanna Business Plan for a Ready Mix Concrete Supply Company 2002-03
Sean McKoy Evaluation of the Haul Out System at QCYC 2002-03
Barry Nickerson Use of Wireless Technologies in the Construction Industry 2002-03
Rachel Sbrocchi The History and Future of Unionized Construction Sector 2002-03
Michael Doherty Development of Pavement Quality Control Program 2001-02
Jim Karahalios Safety in Construction 2001-02
Andre Holder Analysis of QC and QA Process at the LBPIA 2001-02
Luka Zeljkovic Camera technologies for Construction Productivity 2001-02
Stephen Duronio Case Study in Construction Management: Dufferin Liberty Centre 2000-01
Leonard Gurunlian Invoicing: Present Practices and Future Automation Alternatives 2000-01
Stephen Maybury Review of Public Transportation Infrastructure in the Bahamas 2000-01
Sabina Merey Financial Cost of Safety in ON Construction Industry 2000-01
Chris Botelho Trend Analysis in Trenching Accidents 1999-00
Joanne Chong Construction Delay Claims: Home Office Overhead Recovery 1999-00
Kevin Clarke Evaluation of Airplane Docking Systems for LBPIA 1999-00
David Grabel Concrete Construction 1999-00
Aloysius Lo Web-Based Tendering System 1999-00
Darren Lobo Schedule Risk Management 1999-00
Amy Moselhi Belief Network Applications in the Area of Construction Law 1999-00
Keren Ofer Implementation Plan of Safety Regulations in Israel 1999-00
Stephen Rouatt The Grievance Process in the Construction Industry 1999-00
Paolo Carrera Productivity Improvement in Conventional Roof Construction 1998-99
Kei Sze Ching Strategy : A Construction Management Simulation Environment 1998-99
Steve Dennis Monte Carlo Simulation of Hydroelectric Power Plant Project 1998-99
Betul Kocaoglu DEA Benchmarking the 1996 Regional Road Expenditures in ON 1998-99
Godfrey Nelson Workplace Safety: Excavation/Trench 1998-99
Francesco Condello A Quality Control Plan for Asphalt Paving 1998-99
Ricardo Di Stefano Engineered Floor Systems in Residential Construction 1998-99
Peter Pilateris Hot in Place and Cold in Place Asphalt Pavement Recycling 1998-99

Student Team Supervision

Solar House 2011-
Canadian Electrical Contractors Association Student Chapter 2014-
ACI student formwork design competition – the team won the competition in 2014!  Fall 2014, 2015

Selected thesis abstract



Joan E. Foley Quality of Student Experience Award


Recognition Award from the Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada


Student won Best Construction student paper [C.38], CSCE Conference at Ottawa


CSCE Stephen G. Revay Award for best paper [J.14]


Fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering


CSCE Award of Excellence


Early Career Teaching Award - Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering