Stakeholder Survey

Every 5 years (approx), the Department undertakes a self-assessment to ensure that it is offering the best quality research and teaching environment as possible.

In anticipation of this please fill out this quick 10-question survey to

  1. help us inform future discussions and
  2. get a sense on what is important to our community.

The Department Name

There is currently a discussion to change the department name to include both programs that are offered by the Department; Civil Engineering and Mineral Engineering.

Some of the reasons to consider this change is:
  • difficult for Mineral Engineering students to explain to prospective employers that their degree was from the Department of Civil Engineering
  • there is a precedent for having a combined name when two programs are offered by one department (i.e. Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)
  • gives alumni who graduated from mineral/mining/geological/geotechnical engineering a department name with which to relate to

Some concerns which might arise with a name change:
  • confusion about whether the civil engineering program has changed to include mineral engineering or vice-versa
  • diluting or detracting from the reputation of the Department of Civil Engineering
  • name would be too long or a mouthful
Would you support a departmental name change to "Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering"?*
How would a name change affect your opinion of the Department's reputation?
How do you think industry-at-large would feel about the Department's reputation as a result of a name change?
If the name were to change, how would it affect your support of the Department (including attending events, donations, volunteering, mentoring students, speaking of the Department in conversation, etc)?
If the name were to change, what would you prefer?*
Do you have any other thoughts or ideas about a possible name change?
Are you aware of the 5 primary research/teaching areas of Civil and Mineral Engineering offered at U of T?*

Research Sections

In a 2012 Departmental self-assessment research activity was grouped according to sections:

  • Building Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geomechanics and Mining Engineering
  • Structures Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
Do these sections affect your interactions with the Department?
Do you think the titles of these sections reflect what is going in industry now?
FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS: Did these sections, other than your supervisor's research, affect you decision to study at U of T?

About you

All answers will be compiled and considered in aggregate. We will only use this if we require additional information.

What is your connection to the department? Select all that apply.*
Would you be interested in participating in additional discussions about these and other departmental related issues? Select all that apply.
Please feel free to provide any additional thoughts, feedback, criticism or suggestions for the Department.

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