To all those interested sustainable building opportunities

UofT CECA (Canadian Electricial Contractor’s Association) Chapter has been working hard and making strides with the “Green Energy Challenge 2017” and we wanted to share some of our work with you! GEC 2017 is a competition where universities choose a building, perform the input/output energy audit analysis and recommend retrofits in the form of more efficient lighting, HVAC system, and incorporate renewables such as using solar energy.

This year, we have chosen the Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre (WNC) as our building and are working to analyze their energy consumption. We will also be doing a workshop with some social programs held at WNC to ensure the community is aware about ways in which they can cut back on energy use at their homes.

If you want to find out what we have been doing, check out our updates at:

UofT CECA is also planning to have a field trip to Gemini House this week for all students. It’s an exciting opportunity to witness a successful building renovation done by researchers at UofT. Follow our facebook page for updates on this matter:

Lastly, if you would like to be involved with the team, email us:

Thank you


2016 Green Energy Challenge – Boston 2016 Green Energy Challenge Underway