BASc in Mineral Engineering

Mineral Engineering deals with the science of our interaction with the Earth. Mineral Engineers use math, physics, geology and environmental science to understand and shape the natural world around us. Mineral Engineering is the interdisciplinary study, development and design of subsurface space for a host of applications: mining, oil and gas exploration, hydroelectric projects, tunnels and subways, subsurface storage facilities, underground urban and shopping spaces. Think of large projects like the Chunnel, Hydroelectric Dams, Deep Foundations (for the CN Tower…), and much much more.

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So what is mineral engineering?

Major Areas of Civil Engineering

Find it: Mineral Exploration Remote sensing; geology; geophysics
Dig it: Mine Design and Management Mine feasibility, design and planning; mine production management; rock and soil mechanics
Clean it: Mineral Processing Preparation and separation technologies; pyro- and hydro-metallurgy
Sell it: Mining Finance Mining and mineral economics; commodities markets

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  • MIN225H1 Field Trip – $805
  • MIN400H1 Geology Field Camp – $550