Student Club Funding Requests

The Department of Civil Engineering is in support of co- and extra-curricular activities to provide leadership, professional, and community development opportunities for our student body.

Eligibility & Criteria

At the discretion of the Chair, funding is available primarily through the generosity of our alumni and friends for current Civil Engineering (CIV) and Mineral Engineering (MIN) undergraduate students. Decisions are made based on the following criteria. Your student club/activity must adhere to one or more of the terms below:

  • Demonstrate the advancement of, and/or advocate the disciplines of Civil or Mineral engineering;
  • Contribute to the student experience in the Department;
  • Contribute to the professional development of students in the Department;

Funding priority will be given to student clubs/activities with large membership from Civil and Mineral Engineering (CIV and MIN). Faculty-wide student club/activity applications, (e.g. FSAE, Blue Sky Solar Racing Team) must provide valid documentation showing participation of CIV and MIN students, particularly at the executive level.


Application Procedure & Submission Instructions

  • Your funding proposal should reflect planned initiatives for the entire year.
  • Complete the Student Club Funding Form and e-mail it to Nelly Pietropaolo at
  • Deadline: Friday, October 17, 12 noon.
  • Any applications received after this deadline will not be considered for student funding.
  • Altered or incomplete applications will also not be considered.

Funding decisions will be made by a committee which comprises of three (3) or more of the following members:

  • Chair
  • Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies
  • Director, Finance and Administration
  • Director, Student Services and External Relations
  • Undergraduate Program Coordinator and Counsellor
  • Lassonde Administrative Assistant
  • Civil Engineering Club Chair
  • Mineral Engineering Club Chair

Decisions will be made within one week of the funding deadline.


Transfer of Funds

If you are a club with an internal FIS account, please provide CC and CFC numbers and the name of the university administrator responsible for the management of that account. If the club administers the account, an invoice must be attached to the budget and application. Failure to provide the information above will result in the delay of funds transfer should your request be considered successful.

Please note that cheques can only be made out to the name of the student group, not to an individual.


Terms & Conditions

If your funding proposal is successful, the following are the terms of recognition:

  • Civil & Mineral Engineering logo to be printed on all marketing/publicity materials, including website, in accordance with the University of Toronto branding guidelines (Director of Student Services and External Relations will provide guidelines if funding proposal is successful).
  • Regular updates to the Department, c/o Director of Student Services and External Relations, regarding club/activity initiatives.
  • Consultation with the Department for all publicity materials where CIV and MIN may be represented outside of the sponsorship section.
  • Invitation to special events where appropriate
  • All successful applications will require a statement describing the impact that granted funds has had on the awarded student group by April 1st, 2015.  This report will have an impact on the success of the club's next departmental request for funding.