CIV498H1 – Capstone Group Design Project


  • This course is instructed by faculty members and various industry experts in Building, Environmental, Geomechanics, Concrete Materials, Structural, and Transportation Engineering.


  • The Group Design Project is a significant design experience that integrates the mathematics, basic sciences, engineering sciences, complementary studies, and detailed design aspects of the different civil engineering sub-disciplines.
  • Students will complete one of the following projects:

Building Science (Sustainable building design and energy planning)

Slope Stability and Highway Rock Cut Design

Global Sustainable Communities

Aging Concrete Infrastructure

Design of Reinforced Concrete Bridges

Design of Multi-modal Inter-regional Transportation Corridor

Water Supply Design

Structural Design Concepts, Large Sports Stadium

Business and Operations Development

Tutorial times are subject to change.

Choose your design topic:

    • During pre-registration, students are being asked to select only their top choice. We hope by requesting your capstone choice earlier that we can supply the correct amount of capstones for the choices.
    • You are encouraged to view the materials supplied below as examples of projects assigned and completed in previous years as part of these sections.



Examples from Previous Project Sections:

  • Note that the examples below are meant only to assist your choice of project scope and are not meant as examples of ideal, average, or poor submissions.

Allen Road Revitalization (Design DrawingsFinal Report) (Final Report Evaluation Rubric)

Reinforced Concrete Bridges (Part A Part B)