CME358H1 - Survey Camp

Morning Mist on Gull Lake

The U of T Survey Camp is located on the northern shore of Gull Lake near Minden, Ontario. In operation since 1920, the facility is used to train undergraduate Civil and Mineral Engineering students in the art and science of land surveying and engineering project management.  CIV201H1 - Introduction to Civil Engineering, also utilizes this unique facility.


  • Camp I 2017: August 6 - August 19
  • Camp II 2017: August 20 - September 2
  • Please note that you have been pre-assigned a camp section and will receive your camp assignment by email.  Contact for more details.
  • At Survey Camp, students obtain extensive hands-on experience in the use of land surveying instruments and in the essentials of survey practice. Measurements of distances and angles, survey calculations, sources of error, and corrections and adjustments are introduced. Application exercises include route surveys, topographic mapping, and construction surveying. Concepts of higher order survey techniques and global positioning systems are reviewed and illustrated. Students attend Survey Camp split into two week camps prior to the start of Third Year Fall Session.


  • CIV358H1