Camp Rules

The University’s Gull Lake property is a valuable, historic and sensitive area that has been enjoyed by students for over 90 years, and that needs to be respected and protected for the enjoyment of future students. To ensure this, the following rules must be followed.

The first set of rules are critical and will be strictly enforced. Any person contravening them may be evicted from the property. In such cases, there will be no rebate of any fees paid and the matter may be pursued under the University’s Non-academic Code of Student Conduct.

  1. Fire safety is extremely important. Do not throw cigarette butts onto the ground ANYWHERE. ALWAYS have a pail of water to douse the fire at the fire pit. Do not play with the fire extinguishers, fire hoses, etc.
  2. Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking area outside the kitchen, by the manhole covers. Do not throw your butts onto the ground.
  3. Rowdy behaviour will not be tolerated. Students causing damage will be required to pay for repairs. Graffiti is not permitted.
  4. No spray paints or other similar marking items are to be used unless as instructed by staff.
  5. No person is allowed to be in the water without a swimming buddy. This buddy must be in close proximity and fully aware of the water activity.
  6. NO diving from the dock.
  7. If anyone is planning to swim in water more than 5 feet deep, they must notify one of the camp instructors in advance.
  8. Four long blasts of any sounding device means CLEAR THE WATER IMMEDIATELY.
  9. Canoes may only be used if equipment (safety devices, paddles, etc.) is signed in/out with a staff member.* (Canoes may not be used during CIV201 since there is no time for a safety briefing.)
  10. No outdoor equipment, e.g. chain saws, axes, etc., are allowed other than those provided at the camp, and such equipment may only be used with permission of staff.
  11. Consuming alcohol in excess in not permitted at any time. Alcohol may be consumed in moderation after 5:30 pm in the residences and in the gazebo and the deck overlooking the lake. No one shall possess any alcoholic drink on the dock, in the Schoolhouse or in the Cookhouse. Any violation of the University of Toronto’s Alcohol Policy will not be tolerated. Other forms of substance abuse will be dealt with in a manner consistent with the Alcohol Policy.

The following rules set out additional common sense expectations of behaviour. Any contravention of these rules may result in lost privileges at the camp and/or a requirement to remedy the situation. If sufficiently serious, the breaking of a rule may also result in the person contravening them being evicted from the property. In such cases, there will be no rebate of any fees paid and the matter may be pursued under the University’s Non-academic Code of Student Conduct.

  1. All vehicles are to be registered with camp staff. The make, model and license plate number are to be provided.*
  2. Parking is allowed only in the designated lot. Do not drive off of the roads or to the exercise sites.*
  3. Students leaving the property for any reason must sign out and then back in using an attendance sheet that is posted near the pay phone shelter.*
  4. Attendance at organized activities (briefings, lectures, field work and field tours, etc.) is mandatory. Students are to show up on time; late students may not be allowed to participate.
  5. No survey equipment is to be used other than that provided at camp.*
  6. The Dining Hall is to be used during meal times only.
  7. No cups, plates, utensils, trays or other things may be taken out of the Dining Hall unless specifically allowed.
  8. Quiet Time starts at 11:00 pm. Since sound travels easily across the lake disturbing neighbours, excessive noise at any time will not be tolerated.
  9. Keep camp neat and tidy. Return borrowed items, such as chairs and canoes, to their proper location. Do not leave bottles and cans in the field or by the lake. Do not litter; pick up any litter you may find.
  10. No one is permitted to cut or otherwise damage any living tree without the express permission of a course instructor.
  11. All cell phones are to be kept in the dorms – cell phones may only be used during meal breaks and after evening briefings.
  12. Sleeping must be in the designated dorm areas only. Tents and other alternative sleeping arrangements are not permitted.
  13. When entering any of the dormitory areas, be respectful. Do not enter the dormitory areas of others after dark.


* Only relevant for CME358H1 – Survey CAMP, and not CIV201H1 – Introduction to Civil Engineering.